GINA Enough Asthma Deaths – Dr. Eric Bateman (27 NOV 2020)

GINA Enough Asthma Deaths Dr. Alvaro Cruz (27 NOV 2020)

GINA Enough Asthma Deaths – Dr. Louis-Philippe Boulet (27 NOV 2020)

GINA Enough Asthma Deaths – Dr. Arzu Yorgancioglu (27 NOV 2020)

GINA Enough Asthma Deaths Dr. Mark Levy (27 NOV 2020)

Louis-Philippe Boulet – Q&A regarding asthma during COVID-19 pandemic

Discussing key changes for asthma management in GINA 2019, with Professor Helen Reddel from Woolcock Institute of Medical Research.

Examining some of the new treatments for adults and adolescents with severe asthma, with Professor Guy Bruselle from Ghent University.

Professor Louis-Philippe Boulet from the Institute of Cardiology and Pulmonology at Laval University Quebec and member of the GINA board, discusses the history, aims and achievements of GINA and its significance and role in the care of people with asthma.

Dr Mark FitzGerald, Professor of Respiratory Medicine at the University of British Columbia, reviews the natural history, basic pathology and clinical presentation of asthma in adults.

Keith Allan, patient partner in the NHS, healthcare consultant and partner with GINA since its conception, discusses asthma awareness and bringing together patients and healthcare professionals.

Professor Alvaro Cruz from Brazil, member of the GINA board of directors and GINA dissemination and implementation committee with 30 years’ experience caring for patients with asthma, examines the assessment of asthma control and identification of patients at risk.

Professor Dr Soren Pedersen from the University of Southern Denmark discusses the natural history, basic pathology and clinical presentation of children with suspected asthma and the diagnosis of the condition.

Dr Louise Fleming, clinical senior lecturer at Imperial College London and consultant respiratory paediatrician at the Royal Brompton Hospital, discusses the management of asthma in children aged 6-18.

Primary care physician, Dr Mark Levy, discusses the role of GINA in the management and treatment of asthma as well as the diagnosis of the condition in primary care.

Dr Mark Levy focuses on post-asthma exacerbation review in primary care.

Professor Arzu Yorgancioglu of Manisa Celal Bayar University in Turkey, also a member of the GINA board, discussed the effects of asthma in pregnant women.

Asthma sufferers Fiona and Sally discuss how their conditions have had a major impact on their lives.