We work with health care professionals, patient representatives, and public health officials around the world to reduce asthma prevalence, morbidity, and mortality.

It is important to understand that while GINA strives to be a globally relevant voice,  recommendations for asthma care need to be adapted to local conditions, resources, and services. Talk with your healthcare provider about what is right for you.

Through resources such as evidence-based strategy documents for asthma management, and events such as the annual celebration of World Asthma Day, GINA is working to improve the lives of people with asthma in every corner of the globe. MORE»


The GINA global strategy for asthma management and prevention is presented in its strategy documents, which are freely available on the GINA Website.

The GINA Scientific Committee prepares updates to these documents each year, which are made available on the GINA Website as they are completed. The Scientific Committee has developed a sophisticated set of procedures to review the world’s literature with regards to asthma management and to update the GINA documents to reflect this state-of-the-art information.



Asthma is a serious health problem throughout the world. If you or someone you care for is affected by asthma it is vital to learn about the diagnosis from evidence-based sources. Many scientific advances have recently improved our understanding of asthma as well as our ability to manage and control it effectively. Please note that GINA is not structured to provide individual patient guidance, financial assistance for treatment, or specific recommendations on choosing a treatment facility. We hope that these general education tools will assist you on your diagnosis and treatment journey, and we welcome your feedback.



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