GINA Advocates

GINA Board of Directors has invited a group of 41 international leaders in the field of asthma from all continents to act as GINA Advocates from 2020, for a 3 years term. They will certainly be a very active group of collaborators, for which the proposed responsibilities are listed below:

  • To commit to actively disseminate GINA strategy documents accurately and foster its implementation (plans and action to be reported annually to GINA Dissemination & Implementation Task Group)
  • To commit to attend GINA Assembly and Advocates meetings every year (usually just before ERS meetings) physically or to connect remotely via web
  • To provide feedback on GINA Report every year to GINA Science Committee
  • To fill out a conflict of interest declaration annually

Dr Agnès Hamzaoui   Tunis
Dr Bruce Kirenga   Uganda
Dr Elisabete Nunes   Mozambique
Dr Hisham Tarraf   Egypt
Dr Richard van Zyl-Smit   South Africa

Dr Catherine Lemière   Canada
Dr Désirée Larenas-Linnemann   Mexico
Dr Francine Ducharme   Canada
Dr Hugo Neffen   Argentina
Dr Jonathan Bernstein   USA
Dr Jorge Maspero   Argentina
Dr Sateesh M. Sakhamuri   Trinidad and Tobago
Dr Manuel Soto-Quiros   Costa Rica
Dr Michael Wechsler   USA
Dr Rafael Stelmach   Brazil
Dr Richard Leigh   Canada
Ms Tonya Winders   USA
Ms Vanessa Foran   Canada

Dr Le Thi Tuyet Lan   Vietnam
Dr Sy Duong-Quy   Vietnam
Dr Yeon Mok Oh   South Korea

Ms Antje F. Wagner   Germany
Dr Arnaud Bourdin   France
Ms Dominique Hamerlijnck   Netherlands
Dr Ewa Nizankowska   Poland
Dr Florin Mihaltan   Romania
Dr Guy Joos   Belgium
Dr Joaquin Sastre   Spain
Ms Mikaela Odemyr   Sweeden
Dr Mina Gaga   Greece
Dr Nicola Scichilone   Italy
Dr Pierluigi Paggiaro   Italy
Dr Renaud Louis   Belgium
Ms Susanna Palkonen   Finland
Dr Tari Haahtela   Finland
Dr Todor Popov   Bulgaria
Dr Vibeke Backer Vibeke   Dennmark
Dr Walter Canonica   Italy

Letitia Harding   New Zealand
Richard Beasley   New Zealand

Louis-Philippe Boulet, MD   Chair of GINA
Álvaro A. Cruz, MD   Chair of GINA D&I Task Group