World Asthma Day Activities – Argentina

Listed below are activities from Argentina in 2020 that were adapted to virtual activities because of the pandemic.

  1. We participated in the World Asthma Day activities organized by the National Ministry of Health by disseminating the new GINA 2020 recommendations to the health authorities of the 23 Argentinean provinces.
  2. Webinars for primary care physicians, clinicians and pediatricians with unrestricted laboratory support disseminating GINA strategies in asthma.
  3. Participation in the IMPERA Virtual Circuit (Initiative for Precision Medicine in Respiratory and Allergic Diseases) disseminating the GINA guidelines and also the GINA guidelines for severe asthma during the months of June and July.
  4. Participation in international and national congresses of respiratory medicine and allergology disseminating GINA guidelines and GINA guidelines for severe asthma.
  5. In all our asthma lectures at international and national congresses and postgraduate courses we disseminate the GINA recommendations for asthma patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  6. Participation in the National Programme for the Control of Chronic Respiratory Diseases of the National Ministry of Health for the adaptation and implementation of the GINA guidelines to the national realit